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Graphic Design for artists, Website Design for business, Video Production for musicians, Music Production for movies

What We do

L8RB4 Design is a professional design company based out of Portland, Oregon. We specialize in multiple design areas including print design, web design, web development, video design, music production, identity branding, SEO and social media marketing.

We have been in the design industry since 2002. We cater towards artists, musicians, DJ's and specialize in small business and organizations.

Our Specialties

Our print works include cd and vinyl layouts and artwork, music flyer design, logo design, magazine ads, business card design, brochures, menu layouts and more.

Our websites include brand identity with logo design, PHP/Java/CSS coding, blog design including Wordpress, Blogger and Tumblr templates and e-commerce websites for businesses.

Our Skills

[PRINT] Photoshop, Illustrator 95%
[VIDEO] Final Cut Pro X, After Effects 85%
[MUSIC] Ableton, Cubase, Protools 90%

"There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for."

Milton Glaser, Graphic Designer
Since 2002 L8RB4 design has been helping the Portland music and arts community gain momentum in their craft through visual marketing such as logos, event flyers, business cards, online ads and more.

We cater towards businesses, artists, musicians, djs, bars, clubs and whoever needs our help.
  • CD/DVD/Vinyl/Tape cover design & layout
  • Custom logo design
  • Business card design
  • Portfolio design
  • Magazine & newspaper ad design & layout
  • Event flyers and handout design
  • Brochure and pamphlet design
  • Menu layout design
  • Digital banners for websites
  • "What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional."

    Cameron Moll, Web Designer
    We offer affordable professional websites for your business, band, music label, art portfolio/gallery and more. Our unique approach to custom web design and development give us that edge over other companies. We like to work with the client by meeting their utmost expectation and taste.
  • Professional web design
  • Web development
  • Online marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • E-commerce sites (OpenCart, Wordpress)
  • Domain registration & yearly hosting
  • Favicon logo design
  • Wordpress domain masking & custom templates
  • "I listen to a piece of music and really get inside it and let it suggest a little universe to create."

    Chris Cunningham, Video Director
    Videos are essential to giving identity to your band, company, art project, organization, etc. We can create an affordable music video for your band or a promotional video for your upcoming art show. Need simple video editing for a commercial or project? L8RB4 Design can help you.
  • Music videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Production logo design
  • Short films
  • Documentary films
  • Video editing
  • "If I play you a piece of music, that's when you can truly look inside me."

    Hans Zimmer, Composer
    Sound tracks are a crucial part in giving the film emotion and depth. Without a sound track a film can be hard to convey a feeling. We also offer sound effects, beat production and movie trailer music.
  • Film score
  • Music production for trailers
  • Beat production
  • Clients



    Casey Neil & the Norway Rats
    Down Gown
    Ali Aht
    Buzz Holland
    Marred Models
    Swim Swam Swum
    What Hearts
    Headphone Party
    ((( In Mono)))
    DJ Tan't
    The Forth
    Alan Singley
    Quiet Countries
    DJ Mafia
    DJ Control


    Church Bar
    Rain and Shine Therapy
    Optimum Rejuvenation
    Electric City Tattoo
    La Grand Industrial
    Lucky Madison
    Sky Onion Mastering
    SK Fabrics
    Be Sound Massage
    Massage Mechanic
    Platinum Records
    Platinum Mixlab
    FX Dance Club
    Dismal City Records


    Portland Hipster
    San Fran Hipster
    Los Angeles Hipster
    Seattle Hipster
    Philly Hipster
    New York Hipster
    Los Angeles Hipster
    Portland Douchebag
    We Fight Evil
    Portland Radio Authority (P.R.A)


    Garret Price
    Nate Orton
    Gregory Lancaster
    Kimba Kuzas


    "Paul has the uncanny ability to visualize the ideas of his clients and translate them into sophisticated yet simple designs that function remarkably."

    Kevin O'Connor, Talkdemonic


    "One of the best business decisions I made was choosing L8rb4 design to develop my website."

    Holy Eller, RSI PDX


    "We have worked with Paul from the inception of our site, & have been very satisfied to date. He makes continuous suggestions, while making sure to include the company personnel's comments at the same time."

    Balu Suriyakumaran, SK Fabrics


    "I brought both web and flyer ideas to L8RB4 design. They fulfilled my vision to a "T" and offered creative insight as well. I couldn't be happier with my designer Paul. What a great experience!!!"

    Eliot Thompson, Ali Aht


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    Latest Websites

    Check out our recent websites for businesses, bands, music, art portfolios and more. Each website is designed to be mobile friendly for your device (ie. iPhone, iPad). Our simple and unique approach to custom web design and development give us that edge over other companies and web pages.

    L8RB4 Design offers other services such as:

    • yearly web hosting
    • wordpress design
    • website logo design
    • SEO
    • e-commerce developement
    • favicon design
    • social marketing


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